5559904Over 77 families came to celebrate Grace Place’s “Building Literacy” day, the first Family Literacy Day of the new school year. Along with our community partners at HOME DEPOT, families enjoyed a day of fun and educational projects, games, snacks, crafts, storytelling and more!

One of the foundational values of Grace Place is the importance we place on supporting the whole family.  The roots of family literacy as an educational method come from the belief that “the parent is the child’s first teacher.” Studies have demonstrated that adults who have a higher level of education tend to not only become productive citizens with enhanced social and economic capacity in society, but their children are more likely to be successful in school. Literate parents are better able to support the learning of their children.  Because of the continuity of services and range of programs at Grace Place we are able to reach the needs of families on multiple levels.  Family literacy days offer the opportunity to draw parents into other programs such as Bright Beginnings, financial literacy workshops and adult language classes. Thus there is value added when early intervention optimizes success for the children, while at the same time parents are encouraged to pursue their own educational goals.  The whole family benefits.