Lära Fisher
Chief Executive Officer

Arlene Mendez

Monica Alvarez, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Director

Marcie Curry, Ed.D.
Chief Program Officer

Jerri Kautsky, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Diane Ponton, M.S.Ed.
Chief Learning Officer

Tara Barrett

Sheila Oxx, M.Ed.
Director of School Age Programs

Andy Perez

Marco Barroso
Director of Campus Operations and IT

Tom Powers
Grants and Compliance Director

Chrissie Guzman

Hillary Thomas, M.Ed.
Director of Family Literacy

Helga Reinisch

Delia Buckley
Bright Beginnings Program Manager

Arlene Mendez

Kim Buehler
Development Operations Manager

Arlene Mendez

Colleen Durham
Volunteer Manager

Arlene Mendez

Josh Edel
Middle School Program Manager

Fernanda Guerrero

Crystal Hidalgo
Elementary School Program Manager

Oscar Rodriguez

Oscar Rodriguez
Adult Education Program Manager

Jaquela Cameron

Cindy Weir, M.Ed.                College & Career Counselor

Arlene Mendez

Esteban “Steve” Aguerrebere, M.S. Ed.
Middle School Program, Assistant Manager

Arlene Mendez

Colton Seibert
Marketing and Communications Coordinator