As result of 21st Century Community Learning Center funding, Grace Place is able to provide educational services during the after school and summer hours to Golden Gate, Golden Terrace, Herbert Cambridge, Lavern Gaynor, and Mike Davis Elementary School’s students, Golden Gate Middle School students and Golden Gate High School students at no cost to these children or their families. The grant allows Grace Place to expand its academic programming during the school year and in the summer months in reading and S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects with heightened evidence-based curriculum including robotics, biology, computer science and chemistry. Additional enrichment activities include music, arts, wellness and Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me program. At the middle and high school levels, students participate in career awareness and exploration to include learning styles, strengths, passions, interests, and then targeted college/career exploration based on individual goals.

Family literacy components for parents provide opportunities to enroll in our existing literacy and educational programs, including Family Literacy Days and the Adult Education program. Solidifying the impact of family involvement, the funds also support the launch of special sessions of Parent Academy to foster positive parenting and ensure a high level of adult family member participation and integration into their child’s education.

The 21st CCLC Academy of Leaders program and family services are offered at Grace Place, Golden Gate Middle School (GGMS) and Golden Gate High School (GGHS). Grace Place is located less than three miles from these schools, which makes the facility easily accessible to students and families. Our organization offers safe and reliable transportation to the campus for our children and families as well. The Grace Place campus provides classrooms, computer lab, cafeteria, a music room, recreational fields, and two KaBOOM playgrounds; has been licensed by Florida Department for Children and Families (DCF) for child care; and meets all DCF and Collier County Public School (CCPS) safety policies. The GGMS campus provides classrooms, computer lab, cafeteria, media center, gym, and recreational fields and meets all DCF and CCPS safety policies. The GGHS campus also provides classrooms, computer lab, cafeteria, media center, gym, and recreational fields and meets all DCF and CCPS safety policies.

Program Goals

Grace Place’s Academy of Leaders middle school program was recently funded by the Florida Department of Education through a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant for programming on Golden Gate Middle School campus for students attending this school. Equitable services have been extended to private schools nearby including BridgePrep Academy of Collier and St. Elizabeth Seton School. The programming narrative is be accessible on our website.

Daily Activities

  1. Homework help and remedial tutoring
  2. Personal enrichment activities (i.e., physical activities, wellness, arts)
  3. Project-based learning
  4. Reading and math skills labs
  5. Nutritious dinner and snack (provided through other funding)

Parent Resources

Updated 5/11/22

education changes everything.

An investment in the literacy and language skills of our families is an investment in the workforce of Collier County. Together we can build a stronger community, now and for future generations.