For the last four weeks, our 7th and 8th graders in our Academy of Leaders program have participated in the Crowning Daughters for Success leadership course. The students covered topics on building a strong character for effective leaders, making good choices, staying in a positive mindset in negative situations, and developing practical skills to be a leader in both their personal and academic lives.

For Ann Daskar Dorleant, a 7th grader in the program, this course has taught her that you must master your mind and emotions to be a leader. “This course taught me skills that I will use for the rest of my life. First, I learned to keep a positive mindset by cooling off and getting quiet time to think my problems over. It also taught me how to control my emotions and be the best version of myself. Lastly, I learned how to build a strong character to make choices that will affect my life in a positive way,” reports Ann.

At Grace Place, we know the importance of learning leadership at a young age, especially at such a pivotal point as middle school. So, for our students to succeed and reach their goals, we empower them and teach them to take the initiative and stay motivated.

Franklin Covey Education reports “Leadership roles give students an opportunity to know and practice real responsibility, rather than merely discussing this important principle as a theoretical future choice. Purposeful leadership roles teach students that being a leader means being a contributor, and they allow students to feel regular success as they add value to their classroom, school, family, and community.”

Crowning Daughters for Success is founded by Tasheekia Perry-Harris. The program aims to teach young kids that they position themselves to build up other colleagues when they are remarkable, optimistic, consistent, and kind. Her course focuses on building up after-school programs in the Southwest Florida area.