On May 31, our eight graduating interns proudly crossed the stage at Golden Gate High School, earning their diplomas and setting their sights on the exciting world of higher education. We are proud of our graduates and the fact that all of them are scholarship recipients with plans for college or military this fall. (Click here to read about each of them.)

Grace Place students face considerable hurdles in their educational journey, many of them growing up in non-English speaking families of low income and little or no parental education. Like all of our programs, our high school internships provide educational opportunity involving the students, parents, school and community as full partners in achieving success in school and life.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with these bright and motivated students to help them navigate the pathway to college/career. They set goals and then worked hard to achieve them — observing and assisting in this process has been incredibly rewarding. We look forward to expanding the high school program next year and continuing to work with students, parents and the community to provide opportunities for growth, learning and achieving goals. (Read full letter)
Thank you for your support!

Mary LeVine 
Director High School Intern Program
Grace Place for Children and Families