Hearts of Grace

Did You Find a Heart of Grace?

Thank you for visiting us and finding OUR Heart of Grace! Now that you’re here, we would love you to click the button to log your heart. We want to see where our hearts are going. As for what you do with YOUR Heart of Grace, that is up to you! Keep it, give it away, or hide it again. All we ask is that you do it with compassion and grace. From all of us here at Grace Place, thank you!

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Grace Place kids have big hearts; they’ve painted these hearts as a token of gratitude, and they want to share them with Collier County. Grace Place has been the beneficiary of incredible grace by people with great hearts. Collier County has continued to support Grace Place. They have helped us to create a culture of compassion, education, and ambition that fosters opportunities to develop equitable futures for children and families. When you find one of our hearts, we ask that you treat it with grace and give it with heart.

Collier County, be on the lookout for Hearts of Grace!

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