The Dale Clarke Scholarship Endowment Fund

Grace Place received its first gift establishing an endowed scholarship this winter, celebrating the life of Dale Clarke.

This beautiful legacy began with Dale’s strong belief in the transformational power of education and his great respect for those persevering in the face of adversity.

Dale related to the students of Grace Place on a personal level. He grew up in a very loving home but not a very wealthy one, and could remember being teased as a child for not having the school supplies he needed. When he heard about the Grace Place school supply drive through his church several years ago, he was eager to give.

Once Dale and his wife Bonnie became involved at Grace Place, they found other bonds to Grace Place’s families. Dale and Bonnie traveled extensively during their life together, befriending locals in the many countries they visited and falling in love with how their cultures put family at the center of life. Before Dale met Bonnie, he also spent many years living and traveling in the Caribbean. Bonnie recalls Dale telling her how impressed he was with the people he met there, their resilience, and their unwavering ability to find joy even when faced with the most adverse circumstances. He saw the same family focus and grit in the students at Grace Place.

“Grace Place’s families reminded Dale of the wonderful people we met on our many journeys,” remarks Bonnie. “This legacy would make him phenomenally happy, proud and grateful to know that he will be able to help a young adult reach that next level in their education. This way of honoring his life suits his memory. It’s a perfect match.”

The Dale Clarke Scholarship will be awarded to one AP Leadership student each year and will be paid directly to the university or postsecondary training program of their choosing. To learn more about how you can support the dreams of one of our hardworking students by establishing an endowed scholarship, contact Barbara Evans, Chief Development Officer, at 239.234.2403 or by email at