This year Grace Place has added a schedule of special visits and field trips to the Early Childhood Education component of the Bright Beginnings program. Most recently, the children enjoyed a visit from the Humane Society of Naples.

The children spent the week before the visit learning about pets. They learned about the characteristics of different animals and the responsibilities of having a pet. They also learned about the importance of giving. The students collected items to donate to the animals at the shelter.

“Teaching children to respect and love animals helps them learn to respect people – others and themselves. By caring for an animal children learn responsibility, they learn to observe the animals feelings of wanting attention, love, food, companionship and respect, which helps our children grow up into caring adults who can more intuitively read other people’s feelings as well,” said Claudia Kendall, early childhood education manager at Grace Place.

The visit from the Human Society of Naples reinforced this theme. The organization brought staff and pets from the shelter to demonstrate approaching and handling pets and how to take care of pets responsibly.

Our Inventors (four-year-old classroom) also welcomed two betta fish into the classroom, which they named Gold Fish and Bobo, by class vote. Taking care of these new additions will continue to teach our children responsibility and offer them opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills.