Work Hard, Play Hard

Throughout the month of February, the Bright Beginnings moms prepared homemade boxed lunches for staff and volunteers as a fundraiser for their end-of-year celebration. Week after week, the moms banded together, collaborated different menu items, and delegated different roles. Some bought ingredients, others prepared meals in their own kitchens, and others kept track on inventory items such of napkins and cutlery.

For just $10 a meal, “customers” enjoyed everything from Tacos Dorados to empanadas to even vegan and vegetarian options. The moms’ received rave reviews and would easily get a 5-star rating on Yelp. Through Synergy and Beginning with the End in Mind, the ladies raised over $1,100 for their celebratory end-of-the-year outing.

The catered lunches were such a success, the moms (with help from volunteer Chloe) made a digital cookbook featuring their delicious recipes. The ladies practiced their English writing skills by writing down their ingredients and instructions and scheduled photoshoots of their dishes with their volunteer. The

So how did they celebrate? Aboard the Naples Princess of course! Decked out in sundresses and beach hats in tow, the moms basked in the Florida sunshine and sea breeze while cruising up and down Naples Bay.  The celebration was not complete without the ladies’ teachers turned friends. “I’m so proud of our moms. I just have to capture the moment,” said a volunteer with a camera in her hand.

After a day filled with laughter, selfies and fried shrimp the ladies toasted and congratulated each other on their accomplishments. “I’m so happy we got to do this together,” said Berenice Garcia, a mom of two. “We are always going to remember this.”

A special thank you to Naples Princess for partnering with Grace Place on this memorable day!