Bright Beginnings Classrooms Celebrate Thanksgiving

Our Bright Beginnings preschoolers and moms got a nice break from their busy routines and hosted a Thanksgiving celebration in our classrooms.  Many of our students and parents are new to Thanksgiving and this was a great chance to teach them the origins of this gratifying holiday and its significance. Plus, trying new cuisines is always a great added bonus.

Our students learned the different foods that are traditionally served on Thanksgiving such as yams, turkey and sweet potato. They also helped decorate the tables and buffet area where the food would be served. The moms played the crucial role of bringing one food item to the class to share. It was a true team effort.

While the holiday is brand new to some, the concept of gratitude is well understood. Before the feast, students and moms began with prayer thanking all the hands that contributed to the meal. During the meal, moms took turns taking pictures with their children on their smartphones. A classroom Thanksgiving celebration can create lasting memories for students and their parents. This feast only strengthens family bonds and the photos can be used to remind them of the successful party that they planned together.

A big thank you to all the moms, students, teachers and volunteers who made our Thanksgiving celebrations possible. We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving with family, friends, and neighbors.